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Summers in Mammoth
It’s no secret that the Mammoth Lakes area in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range is the go-to spot for southern California winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling and more. But summer vacations in Mammoth are a great alternative to more popular destinations. As I have heard many times from the locals, winter was the reason they came to Mammoth, but summers are the reason they stayed.

One of the most recognizable features are the basalt formations at Devil’s Postpile National Monument.

Less known are the ancient petroglyphs just outside Bishop, not far from Mammoth Lakes. Around 8,800 years ago (!), a culture inhabited the area we now know as Owens Valley. Puts things into perspective…

Many don’t know this, but Yosemite National Park is nearby, and you can drive to the northernmost entrance via Tioga Pass in about an hour from Mammoth Lakes. You’ll need to check the seasonal pass for closures, but if it’s open, this is a great way to see the high elevation portions of park that most people don’t see.

For bikers, Mammoth really has a lot to offer, on paved and dirt trails. From your condo #63 at St Anton, grab your bike out of the bike storage room, and ride ¼ mile to Lake Mary road, where a new, wide, paved bike lane has been built. This path will take you up to Twin Lakes, Horseshoe Lake, Lake Mary, and more. From there you can grab a lunch at any of the lakeside convenience stores and eat on a picnic bench under the trees. Or, rent a paddle boat at Lake Mary. The Mammoth Trolleys run this road frequently with long flatbed trailers-transporting riders up (usually up!) or down-should they prefer a bus ride instead on a bike ride. There are many other gentle, dirt trails along the base of Mammoth Mountain, with access less than 100 yards from condo #63 at St Anton.

For hardcore mountain bikers, Mammoth Mountain becomes a summer time mountain-biking mecca. Take the gondola to the top and then ride down the multitude of trails and courses, through the trees, to the bottom. Do not rinse. Repeat.

For a real backcountry adventure, try a half-day, full-day, or multi-day hose back pack trip, taking you miles into the wilderness to remote lakes, getting you to a back-country wilderness that most folks will never see. Can you smell the pine trees?

Great trout fishing! Some go for the lunkers in Crowley Lake. Others fish for the numerous, planted “catchables” in the several Mammoth Lakes. Purists angle with barbless hooks and fly fish in the many world-class creeks and streams in the surrounding areas.

Golf is also available at Sierra Star (18 holes) and Snow Creek (9 holes). See how far you can hit in the high altitude, thin air!

Mammoth has appeals that equal its famous competitors, Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. Both those regions are better known than Mammoth, but for some, this fact alone makes Mammoth a better choice. Summer travelers tend to echo the comments of the transplants in the local population, who say, “I came for the winter, but stayed for the summer.” Mammoth is a six-hour drive from San Francisco or from Los Angeles.